A Guide to Effective Content Writing 2021
Content Writing

A Guide to Effective Content Writing 2021

A Guide to Effective Content Writing 2021
Content Writing

Content writing is very important aspects in blogging, I could say it’s the key to blog/website monetization. Content play great roles in raising and falling blog revenue. It’s the originality and the uniqueness of the contents that makes your blog/website special and different from others. Copy and paste content won’t makes your blogs different from others. The advantages of originality is that your blog/website will be crawled faster by Googlebot. Moreover your content will rank high if and only if you make it mobile friendly, use compressed images, and if you optimize it using SEO plugins i.e., rank math, YOAST plugin.

Preparing unique contents often involves reading different books or articles, asking questions to different people so that to get what to write to add ingredients to your content.

Formulating a Content | Content Writing

All you should know in formulating a good content in content writing,

Choose something that will sustain your blog/website Niche or idea:
It’s important that you choose something that will match your website niche so that to attract the bots and increase your website chance to rank high in search results.

Creating and define a topic is the starting point of your content writing:
This is where your content begin. Have a topic to discuss is where your content begin, you should make sure that you conduct effective keyword analysis to make sure you arrive into a well optimized title for your content.

Once you are clear about the topic you can now be able to choose what to includes in that topic, so that to educate visitors.

The creating and define process is the most time consuming part, it involves brainstorming process and noting down the facts.

However without spending much time on this stage you are far less likely to achieve a successfully content.

Attributes of a good content

If you are creating a content as part of your website the most important attribute will be that it’s within the niche(s) of your website.

Elements of a good Content

A good content have the following elements,
Non-Copyrighted: a good content is original and unique i.e., it has quality and non copyrighted images or videos, it has not been copied anywhere, it has met minimum number of words required, educating people.

Interesting: A good content gives reader motivation to click the read more button and don’t loose reader interest.

Significant: Your content should be significant to visitors. i.e., providing solutions and knowledge’s to visitors.

Focused: Your content should not be too broad and hence it should focus to what it aims to provide to the visitors. The broader the content it will end up being slight.

Lastly but not the least a good content is well optimized and available in search results including google search.