Azam Tv Live
Azam Tv Live

Azam Tv Live – Livestream, Channels, Movies, Contacts, Packages

Azam Tv Live
Azam Tv Live
Azam Tv Live
Azam Tv Live

Azam Tv Live. In this article we are going to take a look on Azam tv with an emphasis on live Tv. Azam Tv is available in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi.

Azam Tv Channels

In the Azam Tv decoder there are various channels that can be watched by people of all ages. The channels are grouped into six categories as follows; Documentary, Kids Corner, Movies, Sports, Entertainment, and News.

Azam Tv Live
Azam Tv Live
  1. Documentary: On the documentary side they have put together a list of various channels that will inform you and teach you about foods from different places, tourism, landscape and various discovery. There are about 8 channels under this category.
  2. Kids Corner: Here it is set to entertain children and even adults as well. They have placed various educational and humorous cartoons. There are 7 channels under this category.
  3. Movies: Includes Bongo Movies, African Movie, Bollywood and many other. 8 channels are available in movies.
  4. Sports: For those who love sports like me this is for us. They have set up various channels that allow you to watch country and international football. Here you find 6 channel including Azam Sports HD, Azam Sports 2, ESPN, ESPN 2, Liverpool TV and W-Sport.
  5. Entertainment: There are so many channels under this category and they are specially designed for entertaining purposes. There are about 78 channels including WASAFI TV, MTV Base, ETV, Star TV, ITV, BET, Trace Mziki and many others. CHECK ALL
  6. News: Channels under this includes BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, Africa news, and many others. CLICK HERE TO CHECH ALL CHANNELS

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Azam Tv Movies

Movies available on Azam tv at the moment are Mama Kimbo, Turufu, Ndoano and Ahadi.

Azam Tv Contacts

Plot 46/4 Nyerere Road,
PO Box 2517 Dar Es Salaam,
(+255) 0764 700 222

Azam Tv Live – Livestream Link

Azam Tv Packages

Tanzania: Packages include Azam plus going at 20,000TZS per month [ 95+ Channels], Azam pure 13,000TZS Per Month [ 85+ Channels], Azam Lite 8,000TZS per month [ 80+ Channels], Azam Play 35,000 per month [130+ Channels]. Also there are special commercial packages includes Hotel [ 21 channels @ 10,000 TZS per room per month]. Preview the channels available for special commercial packages in the document below

Malawi: Azamtv Malawi

  • Azam Pure 88 channels for 1,980 MWK per month.
  • Azam play 128 channels for 6,875 MWK per month.
  • Azam Plus 115 Channels for 4,875 MWK per month.

Kenya: Azamtv Kenya

  • Azam Lite 80+ channels for 300 KES per month.
  • Azam play 130+ channels for 1,400 KES per month.
  • Azam Plus 95+ Channels for 750 KES per month.

Uganda: Azamtv Uganda

  • Azam Lite 80+ channels for 10,000 UGX per month.
  • Azam play 105+ channels for 37,000 UGX per month.
  • Azam Plus 95+ Channels for 30,000 UGX per month.

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