Mula Empire Referrals Earning Explained 2021
Mula Empire

Best Mula Empire “Referrals Earning” Clearly Explained 2021

Mula Empire Referrals Earning Explained 2021
Mula Empire

Mula Empire was founded in Kenya earlier this year and is available in five different African countries which includes Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Nigeria. Mula Empire has almost five different ways through which a user can benefit such ways includes referrals, watching YouTube videos, Spins, Blogging and quizzes. But the most effective way through which a user can get reasonable amount is by doing referrals.

In this review we will only concentrate on referral way of earning since it’s the major way to earn and shows how a person from those countries mentioned above can collect from each level. As it was mentioned in their wall, The platform will also be providing new features in future such as advertising and different products to their customers.

Activation Fees for Users

As described above that it will only be available in 5 countries, so below are activation fees that a user will required to pay so that to get their account activated.

  • Kenyan are charged 550 Kenyan Shillings to activate their account.
  • The activation fee is 13,000 Tanzanian Shillings
  • Nigerian have to pay 2,400 NGN to get their account active.
  • The activation fee for Rwandans is 5,200 RWF
  • Ugandan activation fee is 20,500 UGX.

Amount that you can make in each level explained,

I will show how a user can get from each level depends on country they came from,

Mula Empire Kenya

Three level of earnings are offered whereby,

  • Collect 300Ksh for every invitee who successfully joined and activated their account. i.e., those joined from your referral.
  • If invitee in your level 1 has invited another user to join you’ll make 150Ksh provided that the person invited has paid the activation fee.
  • If invitee in level 2 has invited another user and if those invited user pay the activation fee, you’ll collect 50Ksh.

Mula Empire Rwanda

  • Every Rwandan can make up to 2796.20 RWF for every user they invite to join and only if the invitee activated their account. That’s level 1.
  • You’ll get 1398.10 RWF for every user who join and activates their account through link provided by user in level 1.
  • In level three means you’ll gain 466 RWF for every invitee that has successfully activated their account and joined through your level 2 inviter link.

Mula Empire Tanzania

Stage 1: Make 6000 TZS by referring another user to join.

Stage 2: Whenever a person in your stage 1 invites others to join you’ll pick 3000 TZS.

Stage 3: If a user joins from the referral link from stage 2 user you’ll collect 1000 TZS.

NB: You should pay the activation fee of 13,000 TZS and all the users joined from all stages should pay, for you and them to earn through referral.

Mula Empire Uganda

Every Ugandan who wishes to join Mula Empire are required to pay 20,500 UGX to start earning through referral. Referral earnings are in three levels as explained below,

Level 1 is 9872.76 UGX for every person join Mula through your referral link.

If those users joined through your link invites another person to join you will collect 4936.38 UGX.

User joined through invitation from your level 2 user gives you 1645.46 UGX.

NB: User joined must activate their account by paying activation fee to make the earning count.

Mula Empire Nigeria

Earning in each level is explained below,

1150.35 NGN for every invitee who open and activates their account through your referral link.

575.17 NGN per each user who activated their account through link of your level 1 users.

191.72 NGN per each user who activated their account from the link offered by your level 2 users.

Is Mula Empire Legit?

From research that I’ve conducted from different social platforms I can say that Mula Empire is legit and the length of time Mula Empire started its services up to date is convincing. Why convincing? It’s because most of these making money platforms they’re not lasting longer.

Check important factors to consider before joining …..factors to consider before joining “making money” online platforms