Blog Niche Ideas
Blog Niche Ideas

7 Wonderful Blog Niche Ideas to Use in Tanzania

Blog Niche Ideas
Blog Niche Ideas

Wonderful Blog Niche Ideas to use in your blog.

Well, today I would like to talk about Blog Niche Ideas. What is Niche? how does it contribute to earn more visitors?, What are the criteria for selecting a Good Niche?, What is good Niche to earn more money in Tanzania? to mention just a few.

Niche in simple words we can say is just a topic for your blog/website. Most of the times people just starting a website without knowing exactly what the meaning of Niche. You’ll come to find a blog/website having a lot of Niche which is very bad. Because too many Niche have significant effects in indexing and also in Google Adsense Approval. So when starting a blog/website it’s better to understand which type of Niche you’re going to use and that will drive original traffics to your website.

In matter of facts, there are too many Blog Niche ideas which are exploded, i.e. they are utilized more. So when finding a Niche make sure you select one which are less competitive with the consideration of locations, and the demands. A good Niche earns you more with less traffic while a bad Niche earns you small with huge traffic. See the proportionality and now you can see the importance of having a good Niche to your blog/website. Let’s see the Niche you can use in Tanzania so that to get more original visitors to your blog/website.

Here is the list

  • Technology
  • Health
  • Making Money Niche
  • Reviews on Mobile Phones, Computer
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Music

Blog Niche Ideas to Use in Tanzania

In Tanzania there is few competition in techs. Very few sites offering this Niche, so investing and concentrating in this particular blog niche ideas is a big deal in order to catch the attention of many Tanzanians and the world. Trying to provide techs solution to solve different Tech problems facing people in their daily life. Although Tech Niche is exploded on the internet but you can come out with something unique and win the market.

This is a very good Niche to be used in blogs so that to get more visitors and furthermore to increase revenue. It’s actually the demanded Niche in every parts of the world, because health is very crucial aspects in our life. We all need good health to keep going. So it’s a very good niche and also a competitive one but health matters keeps arising day by day, which means health Niche is very wide. So it’s a good one for bloggers because it can have new topics and which are on trending.

Making Money Niche
It’s such a good Niche to be used in today world where the demands for online money has increased. Things you can write in making money Niche includes ways to make online, making online platforms review, Survey, website and apps, etc. I can say it’s a good Niche to get your blog unique visitors from search. There are few sites in Tanzania that talks about making money online so this could be a big investment for bloggers from Tanzania.

Reviews on Mobile Phones, Computer
New phones, computers are produced and people keep on searching for new phones and computer devices everyday. So you can see how great reviews on mobile phones, computer Niche it is. Writing reviews on mobile phones or computer requires a person who has experience with different phones/computer and who is good at running a professional website.

Website offering reviews on phone/ computer are different from other website, you can’t just wake up and creating it. If you are serious and you need to have a phones/computer review website and you don’t know how just find the website designer near you.

This is another wonderful blog Niche to use in Tanzania, as it’s not exploded. By providing insurance solutions and updates you’ll be able to drive unique traffics to your blog. As insurance cover a wide range of activity such as health insurance, life insurance, and others. It’s a topic on demand so you can give it a try if you’re good in insurance as a whole.

Education is such a great Niche to use in Tanzania. By provide different solution to educational matters facing different students in Tanzania you’ll be able to generate unique and original visitors to your website. You can also providing notes and past papers to students and makes your website being the students helper which fulfilling the needs for students.

As the country performing well in tourism sector, hence tourism Niche is worthy to invest in. Different people from different parts of the world visits Tanzania for tourism. You can earn more original traffic to your website by creating a website offering different updates and news on tourism in Tanzania. You’ll also be able to drive unique traffic from different location of the world.

Music blog
Of course this niche has both the advantages and disadvantages. It’s good Niche to use because it generates more traffics, because music industry is growing day by day and more music are produced everyday. So posting audio files will automatically gives you a sufficient number of visitors from different parts of the world. One of the disadvantages of music blog is that it takes long time to get an AdSense approval.

Criteria for Selecting a Good Blog Niche Idea

  • A good Niche is that one which fits your interest. Choose something that you can handle. Something you can write about, do not just pick a Niche you don’t have any clue about it.
  • Know your goals: If you’re selecting a Niche, you’re also clear about who will going to be your visitors, what location they come from and you’ll probably target a certain age groups. So it’s important to understands your plan and goals before selecting a blog niche ideas.
  • Choose a Niche which you can find information about it.
  • Choose something that will be significant and helpfully to users.
  • Selecting a Niche with less competition so that to avoid ranking and traffics issues.

Generally many blog niche ideas are utilized so choose wisely.