cash chat
cash chat

Cash chat – Updated and Honest Review | Cash Chat App Download

Cash chat - Updated and Honest Review | Cash Chat App Download
Cash chat - Updated and Honest Review | Cash Chat App Download
cash chat
cash chat

In this article we will cover the followings

  • What is it?
  • App download
  • How to earn using the app
  • How to register with the app.

From Cash Chat App alone, I actually have created 118,867 KES in exactly 3 months. That’s equivalent to 39,622 KES per month. Cash Chat is associate degree app developed by PesaMoni(boldcashers). The main intention is to modify its users to attach socially and conjointly to form cash. Users will simply converse with their friends on-line by causation text or voice messages, images, and videos with the CashChat app. Cash chat is on the market worldwide. you’ll refer across the countries and conjointly send/ receive cash to anyone in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and other African nation.

Cash Chat

Registration Link>>>

Cash Chat

With this money Chat APP, you’ll do the subsequent.

  • Pay utility bills at a reduced value.
  • Send cash from one Bold cashers user to a different.
  • Make Visa and MasterCard group action at a minimum fee.
  • Make money.

How Do I register with Cash chat? – Easy Register Cash Chat

how to register
How do I Register?

This is how you can register with cash app and start enjoying it’s ultimate services
NB: The app offer you two hundred Kenyan Shillings into your account when you get your account activated. New members must ensure their account is activated.

The first step Registration

Register to Cash Chat App by using the link

Enter you details as follows.

  • Your name,
  • Email address,
  • Password

Keep in mind that the mobile number you use in registration is the one you’ll be use in other transactions. If you’re in Kenya, the Mpesa number is most recommended, thou you can still use other networks.

And once done click on the “Signup” button.

Step 2: Activate Your Account.

Here you would be asked to pay a 1 time subscription fee of 1,550.

Registration Link>>

Method 1

This methodology is extremely suggested as it’s quick and convenient.

  • Login into your money Chat App by your email and password.
  • Click the Pay Subscription choice within the dashboard.
  • On ensuing page, choose Pay from the mobile tab.
  • Enter your Mpesa number or any relevant mobile cash number that you ’ ll use to pay the Ksh 1550.
  • Click create Payment when confirming the sign is correct.
  • You ’ ll receive Mpesa popup prompting you to enter your Mpesa Pin. ensure the
  • Deposit is done by coming into it and clicking OK.
  • Your account are active, and you’ll access all money chat

Method 2

  • Therefore simply head over to your Mpesa menu.
  • head to lipa with Mpesa and so Paybill.
  • Enter LIPA Business number as 4040043.
  • Account name as BC.
  • Key in your pin and complete the deposit.
  • then, advance and duplicate the Mpesa transaction reference code that you just got once you paid the payment.
  • Then move and login to your CashChat account and paste the code and click on on activate.

Is Cash chat App Legit?

Cash chat APP could be a legit company below the PesaMoni LTD. PesaMoni is that the parent company of Boldcashers. they're a money technology company primarily based in African country and operates additionally in Republic of Kenya and Rwanda. They're a commissioned company in Republic of Kenya and hence accountable for paying taxes a bit like the other company that operates de jure in Republic of Kenya.
Does one wish prove? Here are documents that prove the you aren’t addressing a bunch of scammer
Cash chat/Boldcashers/ PesaMoni offices in Republic of Kenya are placed at read park towers, 6th floor on Utalii Lane, in Nairobi.

How to Earn using Cash Chat App?

From Cash chat APP you create cash via four major ways in which.

  1. Via Affiliate selling: This way, you earn cash for recruiting new members to affix the APP. You earn Ksh one thousand for each referral you awaken be a part of Cash chat. As before long as you activate your money chat app, you become associate affiliate vendor by default. this is often sometimes done employing a distinctive affiliate link that may be found once you log in to cash chat. you’ll withdraw the earnings anytime you would like. There are numerous way through which you’ll earn a lot of with the affiliate program. Since the lowest line of the earnings rely upon the amount of users who joined through your affiliate link, promoting it’s crucial. Here are a number of the strategies you’ll use Social Media, Blogging, Promoting on WhatsApp, making YouTube videos.
  2. Status Views : You earn 0.10 USD for every status view that you just get on your Cash chat APP status. This’s a good rate, is it? Imagine your status having over fifty Adverts running from totally different advertisers in an exceedingly day and assumptive you have got one thousand readers who view your adverts you’d have created ; one thousand ×50=50,000/1000 and your daily earnings would be fifty USD that is approximately Ksh 5000. Isn’t it awesome? after all it’s.
  3. As associate Agent: The app pays you two hundredth commissions of the advertising fee paid by a shopper. Let’s say you sold an advertisement area to advertisers or business homeowners who wish to market their business on the App and that they pay 1500 USD as Ads expenses, doing a little fairly simple sum, you’d created 0.20 × $1500 = $300.
  4. The Wheel of Lucky: As a vigorous member of APP, you’re eligible for a spin wheel that pop up every week in your account, looking on however lucky you’re thereon day you’ll earn quantity starting from 10 to 450 KES. You decide and the wheel pour cash.
Cash Chat App Download

Download the App by using the link >>

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