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Chris Black Agency

Update: Chris Black Agency – Ultimate Guide 2021

Chris Black Agency, Chris Black Agency Registration, Chris Black Agency Login.
Chris Black Agency, Chris Black Agency Registration, Chris Black Agency Login.
chris black agency
Chris Black Agency

Chris Black Agency is an online investment platform where you can earn money by watching YouTube videos, survey and affiliate marketing. They are based in investment as their major way of earning, referral is just an extra earning way. It will be launched on 1st September.

Is Chris Black Agency in my Country?

Chris Black agency will be available in four countries includes

  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Nigeria

Chris Black Agency Ways of Earning

Chris Black

Chris Black Agency offers two ways of earning as described below

  1. Investment

Here you can earn in three different ways, the first one you earn 5% of your investment daily for 60 days, also you make 6% whenever someone join through your referral link, and 4% of your indirect downline’s investment. Minimum investment is 1,000KES for Kenyan, 35,000UGX for Ugandan, 4,000NGN for Nigerians and 21,300TZS for Tanzanians.


How Investment works in Chris Black Agency?

Consider the investment example for Kenya

  • 1000 – 50 daily
  • 2000 – 100 daily
  • 3000 – 150 daily
  • 4000 – 200 daily
  • 5000 – 250 daily
  • 6000 – 300 daily
  • 7000 – 350 daily
  • 8000 – 400 daily
  • 9000 – 450 daily
  • 10,000 – 500 daily

Same applies to other countries, just put the Kenyan shillings in your currency and invest to earn. The bonus works only for 60 days.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Here you get commission whenever someone join through your affiliate link and you can earn in three different level.

Level 1

Kenyans: Here you can make 300KES whenever someone join black agency through your affiliate link.

Ugandans: Earn 10,500UGX when someone join the platform by using your direct referral.

Nigeria: Make 1,200NGN from every active member that joined the platform by using your referral link.

Tanzania: You make 6,400TZS where one will join through your referral link.

Level 2

Kenya: Make 100KES for from your level one downline’s. The earning in this level is unlimited, the higher the downline’s the higher the earnings.

Uganda: Earn 3,500UGX per every user who join the platform through your level 1 downline’s.

Nigeria: Get 400 Naira whenever a new user join using the link from your level 1 downline’s.

Tanzania: You get 2,100TZS with no charges (tozo) every time whenever there is a new user joined through your level 1 downline’s.

Level 3

Kenya: 50KES to you whenever your level 2 downline’s invites a new member.

Uganda: 1,750UGX

Nigeria: 200 Naira

Tanzania: 1,000TZS

NB: You'll only earn when all the downline's register and activate their account.

How do I register?

Chris Black Agency Registration
Registration: Chris Black Agency

You’ll need email, phone number and password to complete the registration process. To register is simple just go to: Check the registration fee below

  • Kenya – KES 500
  • Uganda – UGX 17,500
  • Nigeria – 2000 Naira
  • Tanzania – TZS 10,600

Is Chris Black Agency Legit or Scam?

Considering my research and that the platform got the business registration certificates from Business registry in Kenya. I can finally assure you that the platform is safe to use, but keep in mind that most of these online platforms don’t last longer so invest at your own risk, if you feel that you have large network. Thou in this platform you don’t need large network as they say referral is just an extra method to make you earn. Below is their registration certificate and some other evidence from it’s user,

Payment Methods

  1. Mobile Money
  2. Binance USD

Other Features Offered:

The CEO is offering free Forex classes and Forex signals as long as you are a member of ChrisBlack Agency (C.B.A).

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