Tanzania Educational Blogs
Tanzania Educational Blogs

Education Blogs – 13 Finest Tanzania Supportive for Learning

School Notes, Solved Examination, Past Papers, Advance notes, O-Level Notes, Primary Notes, and many other
School Notes, Solved Examination, Past Papers, Advance notes, O-Level Notes, Primary Notes, and many other
Education Blogs
Tanzania Education Blogs

Education blogs are established so that to provide various educational services includes provision of knowledge, scholarships matters, education updates, Necta updates, higher learning news, education notes and so many others. They are generally established to help students and all other people to accomplish their purposes. Most of these education blogs are free of charge and other charge it’s user so that they can access different educational resources.

Education Blogs
Education Blogs

Business are now simplified as you can learn different online courses concerning business, and then you can master your business and grow it. Students resources include books, past papers, reviews are now made easier available online of which you will need to have cheaper data plan to access them through education blogs. Below are the finest education blogs available in Tanzania and the one I’ve been using to access different educational resources in my education journey,

Education blogs In Tanzania

Note that this list is not arranged according to which is best but it’s randomly arranged and I can confirm that these website listed below are providing the best education services for scholars in every level,

Elimu Tanzania
Elimu Tanzania is an education blog that engage technologies to give access to variety of educational resources and updates to Tanzanian students so that to make them prepare themselves for exams. Elimu Tanzania offers free access for students and everyone to various educational resources.

  • They provide over 140 Necta and mock examination past papers from different subject from previous year.
  • Notes from various subjects for both from one and two students.
  • They also provide different online test for students.
  • National Examination results for form two, four and six are also published at Elimu Tanzania.
  • Play different games, read entertaining story and get different study advice while browsing at Elimu Tanzania.
  • Get examination tips to help you perform well in your examination.

Teach United
Teach united is an education blog aiming at coaching teachers worldwide so that to help them prepare a good lesson plan, build interactive class so that to ensure student growth and success.

Teach United Website: https://www.teachunited.org/

Learning hub Tz
This is also one in the list of education blogs providing various education resources includes subject notes, form four previous Necta Exams, topical exams, different schemes of work for teachers. They got students and teachers covered through their YouTube channel, application and in website. Necta exams review for different subjects from standard four, seven, form two and form four are made available in their platform.

Website: https://learninghubtz.co.tz/

Provide examination format updates for both primary and secondary school.

Online school base
Online school base is your one-stop for all the secondary school notes from form one up to form six. Get access to both English medium and government school examination packages for students. Form one up to four teaching notes for different subjects for teachers. Furthermore online school base keeps you updated to various educational news from Necta, Nacte, TCU, and university.
Also, you will get free access to solved National Examinations for all subjects.
Topic coverage test to test yourself for O-level students.

Website: https://www.onlineschoolbase.com/

This is also an online website that aiming at providing different educational material for teachers and students. They’re also providing practical learning for students through their YouTube channel. Tzshule also providing schemes of work for O-level and syllabus for both O-level and A-Level. Educational news and entrepreneurial facts are also provided at Tzshule website.

Tzshule Website: https://tzshule.wordpress.com/

Msomi Bora Online Education Center
Msomi Bora website got students covered in terms of study notes for both ordinary level and advanced level. Solving from different past papers includes national examinations, mock examinations. This website also offers teaching through YouTube videos for different subjects. Also, they provide different guide on how to pass different examinations for both ordinary level students and advanced level. Moreover Msomi Bora provides examinations for nursery, primary, and English medium.

Msomi Bora Website: https://www.msomibora.com/

Shule direct
Shule direct enables you as a student to meet with other students from different school in Tanzania. At Shule direct you can access different national examination marking scheme, test yourself through different quizzes, and learn different life skills through discussion and videos provided at Shule direct website.

Website: https://www.shuledirect.co.tz/

Mpella Education blog
Mpella blog spot is one among online education blogs that deals with provision of educational resources for ordinary level and advanced level. Mpella offer free and paid notes. This blog spot also provides ordinary level schemes of works for all subjects, and sells different books at cheaper price.

Website: https://www.rajmpella.com/

Msomi Maktaba
This website provides all notes from form one up to six in form of PDF through their website and also through WhatsApp group. They also get a book website that offering variety of books such as entrepreneurship books, engineering book, audiobooks, agriculture, accountancy, O- Level books and many others. At Msomi books website you can share or upload books so that to reach out more people who have been finding or search for it.
The Msomi Maktaba has also introduced android application where you can browse notes and past papers while offline.

Website: https://edu.co.tz/

School Pvh
Pvh stands for performing very high. So they are dedicated to ensure that institutions or individual are performing very high. This is a website offering qualified students learning contents prepared from skilled and committed teachers. School Pvh allow students and teachers to access primary, secondary school and college notes. This website also got you covered in all academic information such as curriculums, national examination result, past papers, scheme of work and Necta exams format.

Website: https://www.schoolpvh.ac.tz/

Other Education Blogs

Shulecom is a website that deals with providing educational services to schools so that all matters from schools can easily be manageable and accessible at ease. They deal with IT projects for schools includes creating education blogs and mobile application so that to keep students, parents and teachers updated with the relevant information from school such as results, events, and other important updates. They also deal with design, manage and maintain CCTV system, computer networks for school infrastructure.

Tumaini Tanzania
This is a website dedicated to offer scholarship to children around Sakila in Tanzania. They provide support to over 75 brighter young pupils around the area of Sakila, Tanzania. They are dedicated to support young students who come from poor family and help them to achieve their goals.

Opportunity Education
Opportunity education website was established with the purpose of helping students to develop their mindset, build long-term interest, necessary routine, and skills so that to prosper in life and work. So they’re just posting various resources to help you developing different skills that will help you to succeed in life and at work.

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