How do I buy Halotel bundles?
How do I buy Halotel bundles?

How do I buy Halotel bundles 2021/2022? – 7 Halotel FAQ’s Clearly explained

How do I buy Halotel bundles?
How do I buy Halotel bundles?

Halotel bundles, Bills payments, university menu and other frequently asked question are clearly answered below.

Halotel Tanzania

Halotel Tanzania has different types of bundles goes at different price. It depends on customer preference, there are night bundles, daily bundles, weekly, monthly bundles and the university bundles. The university bundles are available only to those with University Halotel Sim Card.

To register Halotel sim card you only needs to have your NIDA ID and visiting Halo Shop near you. For foreigner, you need to make sure you have a copy of your passport and visa, actually this is for those who won’t stay for longer than 4months and NIDA ID for those who are going to stay for longer than six months.

University Sim Card you need to have University identity card and the NIDA ID. These services are specifically provided for university students.

Halotel FAQ

Who Owns Halotel?

Halotel Tanzania

Halotel Tanzania is owned by Viettel Tanzania and it was founded in 15/10/2015 for the aim of providing communication services in Tanzania. Halotel has employed about 1505 Tanzanian.

Is Halotel a 4G?

Yes Halotel is available in both 3G and 4G LTE services. If your phone supports 4G and you’re using 3G you can simply visit Halotel shop to upgrade it to 4G and experience the fastest internet speed with less cost.

How do I Activate Halopesa?

To activate Halopesa simply dial *150*88#, select language, confirm your birthdate and then set Password/PIN.

Halotel Menu? – Halotel bundles

There are university menus and Normal menu available at Halotel. To access normal menu simply dial *148*66# and access the university menu by dialing *148*55# to enjoy different Halotel packages.

How do I buy Royal Bundles? – Halotel Bundles

Dial *148*66#
Select 5 “Royal”
Enjoy monthly royal packages.

How do I buy Tanzanite Bundle? – Halotel Bundles

To get Tanzanite pack dial *148*66#, choose number 5 “Royal” then select 5 “Tanzanite”, select 1 and then confirm by either Halotel Airtime (50,000TZS) or Halopesa (47,500TZS).

How do I Pay LUKU by using Halopesa?

To pay LUKU by using Halopesa follow below steps
Dial *150*88#
Select number 4 “Pay Bills
Enter number 1 ” LUKU”
Enter “meter number” as reference number
Enter LUKU amount
Enter your PIN
Confirm LUKU payments

How do I pay water bills using Halopesa?

Dial *150*88#
Enter 4 ” Pay Bills”
Select 5 “Government payments”
Put Control Number for Water Bill (99________)
Enter Bill amount
Put your PIN
Confirm Payments

How do I share Halotel bundles?

The data to be shared shall not be less than 250MB.
Dial *148*66#
Select 9 ” Bundle Sharing”
Choose 2 “Data Packages”
Enter shared data (shall be at least 250MB)
Enter recipient number (06xxxxxxxx)
Confirm number and press send.

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