Juicyfields (www.juicyfields.io) | All you need to Know

Juicyfields is a crowdgrowing platform that connects people with medical cannabis businesses looking for financing. The platform gives you the opportunity to earn money by helping small businesses in the cannabis industry expand and improve.

The platform was founded back in 2017, whereby they spent time conducting research in cannabis science and marketing, so as to gain knowledge and become more experienced in order to establish the platform that allows everyone to grow cannabis without having to touch the plants. 

The platform expanded in 2019, with the arrival of veteran growers and engineers.

How to Register at Juicyfields?

Create a grower’s account on https://juicyfields.io/signup. Fill in your details, and check out your demo plant to understand how the platform works.

Examine the differences between the medical cannabis strains you can grow, choose the right type of strain for you, select how many plants you want to have, and you’re good to go.

Is It Legal or Scam?


According to reviews found on Trust pilot, I can confirm that it’s 70% a safe platform to use.  Read some of the user reviews below

In February 2020 I bought my first plant there, now I have 75 plants each 50€ because JF is a trustworthy and good company with a long way to go, so it’s still early! They have the highest goals getting more cooperation’s to produce more and more cannabis out there. The support is very fast and all withdrawals were very fast too. All in all I got more than 1200€ profit from 2500€. 35% to 50% possible and many 50% I got! Plus many friendly people I got to know in the community. Absolutely recommended!

I have been a client of this company for 3 months now and I can say for myself that I have noticed several problems with the company. First of all, I am not entirely happy with the fact that the company accepts investments and only after 108 days you can get a small dividend. I’m also not happy with the fact that the company is young and it’s possible that at any unexpected moment it could be shut down. But I give it 3 stars because it’s not that bad right now.

The platform is very easy to use, you can basically track day by day the process with your plants until they are harvested. Made the first purchase for the minimum €50 and got around €73. Now waiting for the second round (€150).

Source: www.trustpilot.com

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What is the Minimum Funding?

The minimum funding is of €50. You have a choice of varieties with different yields: small, medium, high and ultra.

You can start a profitable contract for only €50 and by 3 months you will receive your first share from selling cannabis right into your wallet!

When do you Earn Profit?

You get the first returns on your funding in as little as 3.5 months from purchasing a plant, depending on the plant’s strain.

The average profitability depends on the variety. In Grover’s personal account, you will learn more about which varieties can be grown and how profitable each of them is.

  1. JuicyMist – you can expect to generate about 4500-4800€ of total profit in 3 years.
  2. JuicyKush – you can expect to generate about 8,000-9,000€ of total profit in 4 years.
  3. For maximum yields we have a very special strain with amazing yields.
  4. JuicyHaze – which makes about 10,000-12,000€ in total profit in 5 years.
Contacts Information
  • JuicyFields dba JuicyGrow GmbH, HRB 214650B
  • Legal address – Potsdamer Straße 147, 10783 Berlin
  • Phone numbers – +49 302 556 7084 ,+49 302 634 5300, +49 308 379 8298
  • Opening hours – Monday – Friday (10:00 – 17:00 CET)
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Telegram @juicyfieldsio

Find all Contacts here: https://juicyfields.io/contacts

How to Find Latest Jobs ?

How to Find juicyfields latest vacancies?

  • Visit the official website: www.juicyfields.io
  • You will be redirected to homepage
  • Navigate to Jobs and find all latest vacancies