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KFC رقم

KFC رقم
KFC رقم

Find the KFC رقم for delivery services and different KFC branches available at Egypt here. Also get to know about KFC Egypt menu, KFC Egypt app and KFC hotline number. 

KFC Egypt Menu

kfc رقم
KFC رقم

Top products available in KFC menu for Egyptians are described below with their current prices. 

Menu Price
15 pc dipping bucket EGP 368.00
Monster Combo EGP 101.00
Dipping Box EGP 99.00
5 pcs shrimp EGP 40.99
Rice without chicken EGP 18.00
Shrimp Rizo EGP 40.99
Rizo EGP 30.00
Coleslaw EGP 15.99
French fries EGP 18.00
Water  EGP 11.00
9 pc Chicken Fiesta Bucket EGP 239
15 pc Chicken Fiesta Bucket EGP 329
21 pc Chicken Fiesta Bucket EGP 399
21 pc dipping bucket EGP 448
15 pc dipping bucket EGP 368
9 pc dipping bucket EGP 388
9 pc supper bucket EGP 218
15 pc supper bucket EGP 298
21 pcs supper bucket EGP 378
Buddy Bucket EGP 125
9 pc bucket EGP 189
15 pc Bucket EGP 285
21 pc Bucket EGP 364.99
Dinner Twist EGP 106
Shrimp Box EGP 106
Mighty tower sandwich EGP 78
Mighty tower combo EGP 92
Mighty tower box EGP 110
Charger Sandwich EGP 42
Charger combo EGP 56
Charger box EGP 71
Charger Plus EGP 89
Monster Combo EGP 101
Monster Box EGP 117
Zinger Monster Sandwich EGP 90
Fillet Monster Sandwich EGP 90
Big Filler Box EGP 109
Big Filler Combo EGP 93
Mighty Plus EGP 85
Super Dinner Strips EGP 92
Super Dinner EGP 92
Zinger Combo  EGP 60
Mighty Zinger box EGP 102
Zinger Box  EGP 78
Twister Box EGP 65
Mighty Zinger  EGP 84
Dinner Combo EGP 83
Twister  EGP 50
Supreme EGP 68
Strip Box EGP 42
Supreme box  EGP 86
Chicken Fillet EGP 60
Snack Box  EGP 12

KFC رقم

KFC رقم, Call hotline number – 19019

KFC Egypt Branches

KFC Delivery – Sheikh Zayed

KFC Delivery Obour

KFC Delivery Shoubra

KFC Delivery – Zamalek

KFC Delivery – Abbassiya

KFC Delivery – Giza

KFC Delivery Mohandessin

KFC Delivery – New Cairo

KFC Delivery – Downtown

KFC Delivery Haram

KFC Delivery – El Sayeda Zeinab

KFC Delivery – Madinaty

KFC Delivery – Imbaba

Smart Village

6th of october

Gesr El Suez



Al Katameya


Shoubra Al Khaimaa

El Shorouk City

Hadayek El Kobba

Al Mokatan


For more useful links and information check the KFC Egypt official website: https://www.egypt.kfc.me/