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KFC Angola: Menus and Available Restaurants

KFC Angola
KFC Angola

Kentucky fried Chicken in Angola. Find KFC Angola Contacts and menu updates and KFC Location in Angola.

KFC Angola Contacts

  • KFC Aeroporto
  • Luanda, Angola
  • +244 222 350 198

KFC Angola Menus

Below is the full list of available menus in various KFC restaurants in Angola

KFC Angola
Extra Crispy3 USD
Smoky Mountain BBQ3 USD
Georgia Gold3 USD
Nashville Hot3 USD
Pc. Drum and Thigh Combo5 USD
2 Breasts and 1 wing9.49 USD
2 Thighs and 1 Drum8.49 USD
Crispy Colonel Box: Extra Crispy8.49 USD
Crispy Colonel Box: Smoky Mountain BBQ8.49 USD
Crispy Colonel Box: Georgia Gold8.49 USD
Crispy Colonel Box: Nashville Hot8.49 USD
3 Pc. tenders Combo5 USD
4 Pc. Tenders 6.39 USD
5 Pc. Tenders7.79 USD
Crispy Colonel Combo: Extra Crispy5.99 USD
Crispy Colonel Combo: Smoky Mountain BBQ6.49 USD
Crispy Colonel Combo: Georgia gold6.49 USD
Crispy Colonel Combo: Nashville Hot6.49 USD
Crispy Colonel Sandwich: Extra Crispy3.99 USD
Crispy Colonel Sandwich: Smoky mountain BBQ4.49 USD
Crispy Colonel Sandwich: Georgia Gold4.49 USD
Crispy Colonel Sandwich: Nashville Hot4.49 USD
KFC Menu

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KFC Locations Nearby Angola

How to find all KFC restaurants located nearby Angola?

  • Open browser in your phone or computer
  • Enter google search and type ” KFC Angola Locations”
  • Click see all Locations
  • You will be given full list with contacts information, status, opening hours and direction