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KFC Mongolia

KFC Mongolia
KFC Mongolia

KFC  Mongolia. The main secret of making the most delicious KFC brand fried chicken is that it is seasoned according to the same standards and recipes all over the world and delivered to customers in the kitchen every day. 

KFC’s adherence to international standards in all of its operations, including product selection, retrieval, storage, thawing, flavoring, roasting and cleaning, service standards, and staff training and development, influences consumer choice.

The long-awaited KFC opened its first branch in Mongolia in 2013 with 35 employees, and today has more than 800 employees. In addition, providing flexible and part-time jobs for students allows them to gain work experience and generate their own income.

The arrival of the KFC brand in Mongolia testifies to the fact that Ulaanbaatar has become a metropolitan city, and other world brands are opening their doors to our country.

KFC Mongolia Online

KFC Mongolia

You can order online and get your order packed and delivered through the KFC online services. The official KFC Mongolia website is known as https://www.kfcmongolia.com/

KFC  Mongolia Menu

Main Menu and Drinks Prices

  • Coulslo – 3,000 Tugrik
  • Rice – 1,000 Tugrik
  • Fried Potatoes – 3,000 Tugrik
  • Fried Potatoes with cheese – 4,000 Tugrik
  • Good JVVS – 2,500 Tugrik
  • Bubble Tea – 7,000 Tugrik
  • Gadiltai SMVVTI – 5,500 Tugrik
  • Bubble Tea – 7,000 Tugrik
  • Ice cream bubble tea – 7,500
  • Lemonaid – 2,500
  • 7UP R – 1,000
  • Lipton Green Tea – 2,500 
  • Naturalis JVVS – 2,000
  • Lipton peach – 2,500
  • Mirinda R – 1,000
  • Mountain Dew – 1,000
  • Tea – 1,500
  • Clean water – 1,000
  • Pepsi – 1,000

KFC Delivery – Mongolia

To get your KFC order delivered you will be required to visit KFC official website for Mongolia and fill your location details,and pick menu for delivery services. 

KFC delivery phone number +976 7555 1010