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Khan’s Poultry – How to Make an Order

Khan's Poultry
Khan's Poultry

Khan’s Poultry. Khan’s story began in July 1990, strategically located in the heart of Marabella and supported by the travelling public through San Fernando, Claxton Bay, and environs.

Back then, our primary focus was freshly plucked chickens with an emphasis on personalized customer service.

Today, we are one of the leading meat processors in South Trinidad spanning three locations, namely, Southern Main Road, Marabella, Market Street Marabella and Gulf View, La Romain.

We currently employ over seventy persons and have a clear vision for future growth.

Our products include poultry, goat, lamb, beef, seafood and convenience products. With over 30 years in existence, Khan’s has become synonymous with quality, excellent service and competitive prices.

In achieving this goal, we continuously cooperate with our suppliers and listen to the needs of our customers in the wholesale and retail trade, food service sector and food processing industry. We believe in serving the best meats possible and it is our goal to fulfil the highest standards of quality.

How to make an order at Khan’s Poultry

khan's poultry
Khan’s Poultry

To recieve a package from Khan’s Poultry you have to make sure that you’re around Neighbourhood Munchies. You need to understand the followings first

  • The delivery fee is $20.00 TTD per restaurant.
  • You can pay via the app through debit or credit card, or pay cash upon delivery.
  • Currently, delivery is available in San Fernando and environs – La Romaine, Bay View, Marabella, Vistabella, Point-a-Pierre, Gulf View, Palmiste, Cocoyea, Rambert Village, St. Joseph Village, San Fernando, Duncan Village, Union Hall, Retrench Village, Friendship Village, Tarouba, Gopaul Lands, Bel Air, Pleasantville, Esperance Village, Sumadh Gardens, Golconda, Plaisance Park, Ste Madeline.
  • Go to Click the “add to home screen” button. The website will be pinned to your home screen and will function as an app from there. This app is important whenever you wants to make an order. Continue reading below

How Neighbourhoodmunchies App Works?

  1. Pin the app to your home screen via the Neighbourhood Munchies website at
  2. Browse through the selection of restaurants featured on the home screen and search screen, or search for your favourite restaurant or munchie via the search bar on the search page.
  3. Add whichever menu items from as many restaurants as you choose to your cart by clicking the “add item to cart” button.
  4. When you’re satisfied with your selection, click “place order” on the cart page and choose to pay either on the app via credit or debit card, or cash upon delivery.
  5. Your order will be immediately sent to the Neighbourhood Munchies team.
  6. Your courier will contact you to let you know that your order has been processed, and your expected delivery time.

To make an order at Khan’s Poultry visit the official website for Khan’s Poultry and follow the above instructions.