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Mange Kimambi Instagram/App
Mange Kimambi Instagram/App

Get to know about Mange Kimambi Instagram account and Mange Kimambi App/Apk here. No doubt you have come here wanting to know about this woman who is known as a public figure or activist with more than 5 million followers on her growing Instagram account.

You are in the right place, here you will find out a brief history of this woman and some of the things she has done, you will also get to know about her new app.

Mange Kimambi

Mange Jumanne Ramadhan Kimambi (born Arusha region, 1980?) Is one of the most influential women activists in Tanzania.

Mange Kimambi’s from Pare tribe found in Moshi . She is married to a white American citizen and they are fortunate to have two sons. He has been living in Los Angeles in the United States since 2008.

Mange Kimambi received his primary education at Arusha Primary School; He was later selected to join Arusha High School but was sent by his father to study in Harare, Zimbabwe.

After graduating from high school, Mange Kimambi got a chance to go to the United States for higher education, but while studying, she became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl named Bhoke.

He later decided to return to Tanzania to regroup to continue his schooling. The sister successfully joined the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) in 2004 where she studied and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. After earning a degree he went to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates where he studied and obtained a Master’s (MBA).

You can read full story by searching “Mange Kimambi History” via google. The first link to appear is the one to give you full story of this woman.

Mange Kimambi Instagram Account

Many are curious to know about this girl because of the influential power she possess. Many people have been asking for her Instagram account because he has often been giving his updates via her Instagram account.

Why I decided to write you this article is because I believe that there are so many Instagram accounts with name “Mange Kimambi” So to keep you away from fake people here is Mange Kimambi’s account here. Link to her IG account is:

Mange Kimambi Instagram profile looks like this,

Mange Kimambi App/Apk

The Mange Kimambi app will be released this week. The app will have a charge, you pay for it and you get various information. Its payment is simple and will be as follows

Mange Kimambi App
  • Monthly – 1,000 TZS
  • 3 months – 3,000 TZS
  • 6 months – 5,000 TZS
  • Year – 10,000 TZS

To download the app follow the simple steps below

  1. Open browser by using your phone
  2. Type “Mange Kimambi App
  3. Open the link which shows the words you searched.
  4. Download the app/apk
  5. Install it.
  6. Remember to allow installation from unknown sources if its APK>