Microsoft Excel
Microsoft excel

Microsoft Excel | How to Easily Prepare Different Charts in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft excel

Sometimes we needs to represent the data collected or any other data in form of charts so to make it more understandable i.e. Column, Line, Pie Chart, Bar Chart and other forms of chart. Today I’ll show you how to prepare bar charts for your work

Follow quick steps below to prepare charts in Microsoft excel for your data

  • Open Microsoft Excel in your MacBook Pro (10.5.8)
  •  Place cursor anywhere in Microsoft Excel Sheet
  • Start entering the data for your charts
  • After making sure you’ve entered all data, highlights all the data entered so as to prepare chart
  • In your workbook go to “charts” tab
  • Create chart by selecting the one that fits your data

Choose chart depend on your data

Here are different charts and the types of data they show

  • Column – Compare values across categories
  • Line  – Display trends over time
  • Pie Chart – Display Contribution of each value to a total
  • Bar charts – compare multiple values
  • Area – Display differences between data sets over time
  • Scatter – Compare pair of values

Below is the example of Column chart showing total numbers of men and women in age group of 18 – 30

Microsoft Excel | How to Prepare Different Charts in Microsoft Excel for MacBook Pro Version 10.5.8
Column Chart
  • To edit fonts, place cursor where you wish to edit in your chart
  • To edit bars just do the same by placing cursor where you wish to edit.
  • You can now put it in word document by simply copy it and paste to word document.