National Youth Services Council
National Youth Services Council

National Youth Services Council –

National Youth Services Council -
National Youth Services Council -
National Youth Services Council
National Youth Services Council

National Youth Service Council in Sri Lanka. Get to know about NYCS, national youth services council contact number, national youth services council courses and programme offered. [NYSC] This is a programme set up for the purpose of preparing young people to meet the challenges of life by making use of the local and global opportunities. So in order to achieve the goals the government set up Youth Club and Youth Parliament. It’s designated specifically for youth aged between 18-29.

Background NYSC

Existence of a multi talented, discipline and dynamic youth population in a country is always considered a treasure which helps development of the particular country. As such every country gives a special recognition for the country’s youth. Sri Lanka too places utmost importance on the country’s youth to achieve her ambitious development targets in social and economic spheres.

Hence, Youth of Sri Lanka are also having an undertaking for economic and social upliftment of the country. It is important to inculcate self-reliance in youths and directing them towards winning over those goals. The National Youth Services Council in Sri Lanka has been established with the aim of guiding the Sri Lankan youth in the proper direction to enable them to empower themselves to the fullest potential while contributing to nation’s prosperity.

Youth Club – National Youth Services Council

It was established on 23 March, 1983, at Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall, Colombo.

The reason in the past that lead to the establishment Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs In order for the young generation to express their views freely and independently and also to present the same to the Government and the administration as it was necessary to have an organization of their own which expands from the rural level to the national level, Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs which was the national level organization of the youth society/club programme launched under the directives of then His Excellency the President J.R. Jayawardana, has been established.

National Youth Day – 23rd day of the month of May
Based on the day, 23 March, 1999, on which the Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs was established, 23rd May has been declared the National Youth Day.

Functions carried out by Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs

  • Developing the leadership capacities of the youth
  • Developing sports skills
  • Improving of Art skills
  • Implementation of programmes to create national and religious reconciliation and co-existence
  • Implementation of social welfare programmes
  • Direct intervention in youth problems of the country

Benefits provided to Youth through Youth Clubs

  • Leadership training
  • Opportunity for local and international youth exchange programmes
  • Youth Parliament
  • Opportunity to participate in Announcer’s pool
  • Personality development
  • Programmes for promoting national and religious coexistence and reconciliation
  • Guidance for job training
  • Creating opportunity to improve sports skills through National Youth Sports Festival
  • Creating opportunity to develop Art skills through Youth Awards Competition.
  • Providing employment opportunities through NYSCO Youth Cooperative Societies Appraising the youth with special abilities/talents through Youth Got Talent programme
National Youth services Council Contact Number
  •  No 65, High Level Road, Maharagama
  •  +94 0112 850 986
Available Programme, Courses
  • Visit the official website for NYSC –
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