Netpesa Best Review - Is Netpesa Legit or Scam?
Netpesa Best Review

Netpesa Honest Review 2021- 7 Netpesa Earning Ways

Netpesa is the new online platforms also a richable venture founded in Kenya with the aim of helping online investors to earn money while at home by using your smartphone. This platform is available for Kenyan and Tanzanian.

In this article I am going to provide review about the most important part of it and show how user are going to benefit through this platform, and to check if Netpesa is legit or scam.

Netpesa Best Review - Is Netpesa Legit or Scam?
  1. Is Netpesa Legit or Scam?

    Netpesa best review

    Yes, Netpesa is legal business in Kenya which obtained certificate of registration from business registry of the country under the Registration of Business Act ( Cap, 499, Section 14 ). It’s worth giving it a try since the investment capital is relatively low as compared to other making money platforms.

  2. How Netpesa Works?

    Netpesa is just an online platform that will allow its user to make money online through 7 different ways described below,

    Referral earning
    Netpesa offers two level of earning by using referral. At level 1 you can make 100 KES through direct referral by referring a user to join Netpesa through your affiliate link. In level 2 you can earn 50 KES when someone joined and activate his/her account through your direct referral link.

    All members have equal chance to enjoy different types of spin includes

    New User Spin
    This will be available immediately to those who register and activate their account. Get your account activated and unlock the free spin so that to maximize your earning.

    Free spin
    Netpesa active users will be given free spin twice a week.

    Premium Spin
    This is a paid spin and will be available from minimum stake of 20 KES and you can win up to 1,000 KES.

    Selling Airtime
    Users can get 5% commission for every airtime they buy for themselves or for others.

    Also, user can earn through blogging, whereby earnings in blogging will depend on the contents and views generated.

    Trivia Quizzes
    User can get 10 KES whenever they provide correct answers to the question asked. Trivia quizzes will be available twice weekly on selected days.

    You can also buy and sell Netcoin after activating your Netpesa account. Buy Netcoin Crypto Currency and sell when the value increases to your desired margin.

    You can get different awards by taking part in weekly competition provided by this platform.

    Netpesa is also available in Tanzania and below are explanations on how Tanzanian can earn money by using this platform through different earning ways,
    Activation fee for Tanzanian is 4,500 TZS.

    Referral Tanzania
    You can earn by using referral link from two different level, whereby you can make 2,000 TZS at level one whenever someone join and activate his/her account using your affiliate link, and you can make 1,000 TZS whenever a new user has successfully activated his/her Netpesa account by using your direct referral link from your level one down liners.

    Spin Tanzania
    Registered user’s and who got their account activated by paying the activation fee can enjoy different types of spin include,

    Fresh User Spin
    Newcomers who got their account activated by paying the activation fees will have access to free spin and earn commission to increase their income.

    Free Spin
    For those certified user, I mean those paid activation fee will also have access to enjoy free spin twice a week from selected days. You can play free spin and stand a chance to win and keep rising your Netpesa revenue.

    Paid Spin
    This is actually the last in category of spin and to spin the wheel you’re required to pay. A minimum stake is 450 TZS and you can stand a chance to win up to 21,500 TZS.
    NB: To spin is like to gamble, so there is equal chance for win and loss. So spin responsibly because there earning in spin especially from paid spin is relatively risk as compared to other way of earning available at Netpesa.

    Airtime Services
    You can receive bonuses to your account by buying airtime for yourself or for your friends. You can get up to 5% commission for every airtime you buy for yourself or for your friends.

    Trivia Questions
    In this earning section you can make 220 TZS whenever you answered correctly to the question given. You have to be active user in order to take part in trivia question since the questions are asked from two selected days in every week.

    Netcoin Tanzania
    In this section you can secure a sufficient amount by trading Netcoin. Those who will join earlier are having high possibilities to earn a sufficient amount from this section, because they can buy a coin at lowest price and sell them in future when the demand is higher and that’s when the coin value increase.

    You can enjoy the following privileges while at Netpesa
    1. Ability to contact with your down liners: user can have access to chat with their down liners, so they can make plans on how to maximize their earnings.
    2. Instant withdraw
    3. Simple registration process

Referral Earnings

ReferralLevel 1Level 2
Kenya100 KES50 KES
Tanzania2,000 TZS1,000 TZS
Referral Earning at Two Level

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