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How to Complete NHIF Verification in Simple Steps | Verification.nhif.or.tz

NHIF Verification portal, NHIF Student Online Registration, Verification.nhif.or.tz. The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) vision is To be the leading health insurance scheme of choice in the Sub-Saharan Region. 

Mission: Dedicated to providing quality social health insurance to beneficiaries to access health care services through a wide network of accredited health facilities.

Core Values

Members can confidently trust in the impeccable integrity of the NHIF. In all the approaches and behavior, the Fund will inculcate a culture that reflects the following values:-

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Innovativeness
  • Courtesy
  • Promptness
  • Proactiveness


Dedicated to providing quality health care.


The NHIF is an alternative financing in the health sector which is a result of Governments decision to implement health sector improvements programs.

The motives of the NHIF’s funds is to assure quality health services to their members. 

NHIF Coverage

The scheme currently caters for central gvt employees, including their spouses and up to four children and/or legal dependents. Therefore the scheme covers up to six people in the family.

NHIF Verification Portal

The NHIF portal was purposefully designed so that to save cost and helps member to apply online, verify online and enjoy other services online from NHIF. 

NHIF Verification Portal

How to Verify Online? NHIF Online Verification

  • Visit the official NHIF Verification portal: https://verification.nhif.or.tz/
  • Navigate to login and enter your login credentials correctly.
NHIF Verification
NHIF Verification
  • Go to “Our Patient Services”
  • Select “Member Authorization”
  • Select “Visit Type” as Normal Visit
  • Select Card type as “NHIF Card”
  • Enter card number
  • Make sure you view “Included Services”
  • Then click “Authorize”

NHIF Student Online Portal is the portal that is designed to help students from a higher learning institution accredited by the fund to apply for NHIF card online without the needs to physically visit NHIF offices. 

The NHIF Students Portal is: https://verification.nhif.or.tz/sp