Shiloh Living Faith Church

Shiloh Living Faith Church: Testimonials, Online Services

Shiloh Living Faith Church more than a councerer, church worldwide. Inspiring testimonials from Shiloh living church, Shiloh 2021 livestream link, give online, accommodation.

What is Shiloh?

Shiloh Living Faith Church
Shiloh Living Faith Church

Shiloh is the annual prophetic gathering of members of the Living Faith Church worldwide, and among others it sets the pace for the coming year. The anchor scripture for Shiloh is Joshua 18:1-3.

Shiloh is a mountain of diverse encounters of healing, deliverance and salvation. Expect to be visited by God and expect all your desires and yearnings to be met at Shiloh.

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What do I need to come along with to Shiloh?

Come along with your Bible and writing materials and if you will be camping, come along with your toiletries and anything else you need to be comfortable during your stay. Most importantly, come along with your faith fired up to receive from God.

Shiloh is a week long program. It begins on Tuesday and ends with a thanksgiving service on Sunday.

Can I Still be part of Shiloh outside of Canaanland?

Yes, if you are outside of Canaanland, go to the Winners Chapel closest to you and join us through the live broadcast.

How do I get Accommodation?

Please, apply for accommodation through your your local assembly i.e Winners Chapel. If you are not a church member, please visit or call any winners chapel close to you for more information.

Different Testimonials from Shiloh Living Faith Church

Read different financial breakthrough, marriage testimonials from Shiloh members

Shiloh Living Faith Church
Shiloh Living Faith Church

Shiloh Living Faith Church

Shiloh Living Faith Church

Shiloh Living Faith Church

Shiloh Living Faith Church

Shiloh 2021 Livestream Link

The church offer livestream services and you can stream anywhere through YouTube channel. Here is the link CLICK HERE

How to Check Shiloh Schedule?

  • Open a browser in your phone/laptop
  • Visit Shiloh faith church official website
  • Open the menu on the top right corner
  • Navigate to Schedule
  • Open and read the timetable.

Shiloh Living Faith Church Contacts Address

How do I Give Online?

Please visit to give your offering and also get support as regards same. Join online session via  (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Winners World App, DOMI Radio).

For more information visit the official website at: