Smarthela Registration
Smarthela registration

Smarthela Honest Review 2021 | Smarthela registration

Smarthela honest review 2021
Smarthela registration

Smart Hela is the new online platform launched on 10th April this year. As most of the people interests grows much towards online making money, also online platforms tend to increase day by day. We’ve seen several online platforms launched this year, and they are operating till now. This is such good news to those who wish to invest their energy and resources online. In this article, I will explain how Smart Hela is operated and ways of earnings which offered by smart Hela.

Smarthela Registration

Generally smart Hela registration is only available for Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. Below are the registration fee according to location

The registration fee for Tanzanian is 16, 000 TZS.
Ugandan have to pay 18,000 UGX for registration.
Registration fee for Kenyan is 450 KES.
Nigerian registration fee is 2,000NGN.
Rwandan registration fee is 4,500 RWF.

Click the link to register with Smart Hela : SMARTHELA REGISTRATION
Pay the Smarthela registration fee to get your account activated so that you can start earn money.

How can I Earn with Smarthela |Smarthela Registration

Of course this is the main body of this discussion, everyone would like to know how they can earn with this platform. Below I have explained different ways of earnings which will be offered by Smarthela.

This is actually the most effective way you can use to accumulate huge amount in any online platform. Smarthela also will be offering referral program as their way of earning. You’ll only required to register and activate your account to access this service. Registration is free. After Smarthela registration, you’ll pay activation fee of 16,000Tsh. Now you can access referral service. They will be offering three levels of earning as explained below,

Level 1: In this level you can earn a commission of 7,500Tsh for every account registered and activated using your referral link.

Level 2: when users in your level1 invites another person to join Smarthela, you will earn 3,000Tsh. The number of indirect level 2 referrals you can have is limitless.

Level 3: If your Stage 2 referral invites someone else you will get 2,000Tsh. Similarly, the number of level 3 referrals you can earn from is limitless.

Note: For you to earn money from all of your referrals, those joined through your referrals must activate their accounts by paying the activation cost, 16,000Tsh. This is the most important part to think of before registering with Smarthela.

Easy trivia Quizzes
Also there will be easy question asked, and they’ll be available freely. To earn one must answer given question correctly. This is just a minor way in which one can earn from Smarthela. The amount you can make with quizzes is very small. So the author recommends those that will be joining Smarthela to put many efforts on referral program so that they can earn a lot of money.

As previously explained in other post here in my page, earning with spinning is not guaranteed just like gambling. For new users they can spin twice after activation, and they can win up to 21,300Tsh.

Watching YouTube Videos
The more you watch the more you can earn. Also, Smarthela will be offering YouTube service where one can earn by watching their videos. By watching YouTube videos you can earn minimum amount and also some videos can make you learn and gain something important.

How to Withdraw with Smarthela

User wishes to withdraw with Smarthela will be required to use the number they used in their Smarthela registration process, i.e. M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa, etc.

Is Smarthela available in my country?

Smarthela is be available in many countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Nigeria. Users from those countries will be able to involve in Smarthela registration.

In conclusion, I would like to recommend that all those who wishes to join any online platform should ensure they have big networking, so that to avoid money loss, and they should conduct an in depth research before joining them to avoid online scams. After you’ve successfully conducted your research and become satisfied, author also recommends that the Earlier, the better, means that those joining earlier and have big networking have great chance of earning a lot.. Having said all that now I’ll leave it for you to decide if it’s worth joining or not.

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