8 things you should consider before starting website marketing
Website Marketing

8 reasonable things you should consider before starting website marketing

8 things you should consider before starting website marketing
Website Marketing

Website Marketing explained.

Been a while since I’ve been thinking of creating a content concerning website marketing, talk about how importance website marketing is compared to social platforms, important things to consider in website marketing, and how nice is to run and own a website for your business. So, what is website marketing?

Well, website marketing in simple words is just the process of buying and selling goods through a website. This means through a website there are goods displayed so that to be sold or bought by customers. Selling involves giving out goods in exchange of money while buying involves obtain goods for money. This means that whenever you sell a commodity you’ll give out and earn money while in buying you obtain goods for money.

The Importance of Website Marketing over social media

Get your Business in one place
Website make sure all of your contents are arranged in one place unlike posting the same thing every day in WhatsApp status. In website you can easily manage your business as most of your contents will be arranged in a manner that it is easy to manage. There is no expiration period for your content’s availability unlike as in WhatsApp status or gram stories. This ensures easy manageability of your business.

In website marketing you can easily do search engine optimization and get your products seen by many people unlike how it is in social platforms. By doing keywords research and other SEO procedures such a using inbound and outbound links, proper heading and other SEO tips given by different plugin tools you can get your contents seen by many and actually seen by potential buyers.

You can also opt for advertisement while doing website marketing. Different companies offer ads such as Google AdSense, or other individual company. Each have their criteria/requirements before placing ads to your site. So, your site shall meet their criteria to get monetized through displaying ads to your site. In my experience I would recommend Google AdSense as the best and most trusted company to choose when you wish to monetize your website through ads.

Also, the other advantage of a website marketing is that you can earn a commission by trading other companies’ products. Referring others product to your website and when someone buy you earn a proportion depends on the agreement you made with the seller. Example of company that offers affiliate programs includes amazon affiliates.

The things you should consider before starting marketing your business through a website

It’s better to have a plan before open a website to operate your business online. Actually, opening a website is easy but operating it might be difficulty in one way or another. So below are the things you should consider before opening a website,

  • Startup cost
  • Know how to operate a website or hire someone with skills to operate it
  • Clear description
  • Target Customers
  • Location
  • Delivery
  • Price
  • Suppliers

Startup expenditure
It’s important to know the startup cost before so that to secure a better website. Cost like hosting, and domain cost are the most important in creating a better website. Actually, this hosting is provided by many companies online includes Ionos, Bluehost and so many other. The cost of hosting will depend on the packages and duration. Large bandwidth cost more as compared to low bandwidth, same as duration, the higher the duration the higher the cost and vice versa. For domain also you’ll have to pay depend on duration and the packages in it. So, after every expiration on domain or hosting you’ll have to renew by paying again otherwise your website will be down.

Know how to operate a website or hire a person
It’s important to know how to operate a website or otherwise hire a person who knows actually how the websites works, how to get your contents on top (SEO), and how to creating a mobile friendly content.

Clear description of your website
This should be visible to all the people at the starting page of your website whenever people find your website in search engine. Means that you can place it in website description/tagline and at your homepage. This ensure all customers are aware of your website before start scrolling.

Know your target customers
Which customers you’re going to trade your commodity, I mean like the age group of the customers should be taken into considerations. So, you must ensure you design a product by considering the age group. Actually, my point is finding the most active age group who use internet and simply check if they are matching with your products before opening a website.

This should clearly shown in description of the website and also in commodity listing. The general location is actually described in website description. Other location is given in product description. Because you might find some commodities are specific to only a certain region. So, it’s crucial to put location of your business to make customers aware.

It’s very important to provide means of delivery mode in commodity description just to make sure that customers aware either they are going to receive the service at their door step or visiting your business place.

Every commodity should be priced using the currency of that specific location or in the currency that is mostly used in exchange if the business expands to different country.

Make sure suppliers are available and that they delivered goods according to schedule so that to ensure there is no any lack of commodities when demanded by customers.

Conclusively, make sure that the theme you’re choosing is suitable and responsive for your website and business at large.