Tigo Tanzania - Tigo Tanzania contacts, Tigo Internet Packages
Tigo Tanzania Contacts

Tigo Tanzania – Tigo Tanzania contacts, Best Internet Packs

Tigo Tanzania - Tigo Tanzania contacts, Tigo Internet Packages
Tigo Tanzania Contacts


  • Tigo Tanzania contacts
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  • Tigo Internet Packages
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Tigo Tanzania is one of the network provider which has the highest coverage in Tanzania. It has both 3G and 4G services available country wide. It has also the best packages, I personally prefer the internet packages offered by Tigo, especially the monthly internet packages. The internet of high speed and with fewer data consumption is guaranteed when using Tigo Sim Card.

It’s also a good sim card to use for visitors who intend to visit Tanzania since it has the widest coverage from town to rural areas. As most of Tanzanian tourist attraction are more located in areas which are far away from town so it worth to pick Tigo as first option while you in Tanzania.

You can simply grab your sim card by visiting Tigo shops located near the Airport. All you need to have is your passport and visa for those not going to stay for more than four months. And those who will be going to have a stay of more than six months are required to provide NIDA ID.

Tigo Tanzania contacts

Well, if you want to contact Tigo Tanzania or make an inquiry you can use the information below to reach them
Tigo Tanzania contacts – Head Quarters
MIC Tanzania Public Limited Company
Email @ customercare@tigo.co.tz
Box, 2929
New Bagamoyo Road, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania.
Phone: +255 716 123 103
Fax: +255 22 2120474
Tigo Tanzania contactsCustomer care,
Contact through Facebook app @ Tigo Tanzania
Contact Tigo Tanzania on Twitter using handle @Tigo_TZ
Contact Tigo Tanzania through Instagram @ tigo_tanzania

Tigo Tanzania Loan “Tigo Nivushe”

Tigo has also got financial services whereby you can get a loan through a service known as “Tigo Nivushe”. To get a loan you must use Tigo services as many as possible, use Tigo Pesa frequently and make sure that your sim card is registered biometrically at Tigo Shop.

To get a loan
1. Dial *150*01#
2. Then select number 7 “Financial Services”
3. Select 4 ” Tigo Nivushe (Loan)”
4. Number 1 “Get Loan”
You’ll be guided as how much you can borrow and that will be your maximum limit or you can borrow below that specified amount. Remember terms and condition applies so read them carefully before anything.

Tigo Tanzania Internet Packages

Tigo Tanzania has several types of internet packages offered at different price depends on expiry and size of that particular package. Tigo has different package includes

  • Daily bundles
  • Weekly bundle
  • Monthly bundle
  • Unlimited bundle
  • Tigo has also got “Saizi Yako” bundle whereby you get a package depends on how often you use Tigo Tanzania services.

Daily Packs

PriceTotal PacksDuration
Daily Packs

Weekly Packs

PriceTotal PacksDuration
Weekly Packs

Monthly Packs

PriceTotal PacksDuration
Monthly Packs

Unlimited Internet Packs

PriceTotal PacksDuration
Unlimited Packs

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To access either of the above packages just dial *147*00# and choose either a daily plan, weekly, monthly, or unlimited and then enter number “2” to pick package you want.

Tigo Pesa –SimBanking

Tigo Tanzania got Tigo Pesa Services which enable user to do different transactions such as sending money, buy airtime and Packages, receive money, paying bills, Insurance service and so many other includes banks transfer.

Tigo Pesa services menu are available at *150*01#

You can also access SimBanking service through *150*03#

If you don’t have SimBanking account you can register yourself by dialing *150*03# and follow the instructions or visit nearby CRDB Bank with your Tembo Card to register SimBanking Service.

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SimBanking service allow you to do transactions by using your phone, Means that you do bank transaction by using your phone. You can withdraw, deposit, or pay for service and many other services by using SimBanking or SimBanking app.

In case of any queries you just have Tigo Tanzania contacts now just reach them anytime through phones, emails or social platforms and also visit them at their headquarters during workhours.