TRA Calculator

TRA Calculator: Used Vehicles Valuation Systems

TRA Calculator
TRA Calculator

TRA Calculator, Used Vehicle Valuation Systems. Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) is a semi autonomous government entity responsible for Tax collection in Tanzania. All registered companies, employees and businesses which earn money in Tanzania are being evaluated and estimated for certain the amount Tax according to their earnings.

An Overview on Valuation: TRA Calculator

The value of something tends to decline due to it’s useful life cycle and many other factors. We call it depreciation which means that decline in value of something due to the number of years or other factors such as usage. That’s why we calculate the value of something in order to obtain it’s actual value so as to sell, buy or lease.  

Example: A car bought in 2019 for 10 Million, can’t be sold for 10Million in 2021 due to various factors such as useful life, salvage value, obsolescence, and asset cost. 

What is salvage value? Salvage value is the amount for which an asset can be sold at the end of it’s useful life. For Example, If a Building Industry can sell an inoperable Excavator at a price of 30Million, that’s is the Excavator’s salvage value.

Obsolescence means becoming outdated. A car of 2019 is likely to be considered outdated in 2021. Example; In 2019 it was plate number C and now in 2021 we found many plate number E hence the car is said to be out of date.

Useful life is just a year in which the assets has been used.

Asset cost this is just the total cost associated with the purchase of an asset.

All of that are taken into consideration when calculating the value of an asset such as car. Having said all that now let’s take a look to our main topic.

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TRA Calculator

The calculator is used to estimate the value of used motor vehicle  so that to find the actual price for a property to be sold, bought or leased. 

How to calculate the value of a Used Motor Vehicle?

  • Visit the official website for valuation systems:
  • Select type of vehicle. i.e, Audi, IST etc
  • Select Model and Body
  • Select year of manufacture
  • Choose country of origin
  • Select Fuel type
  • Select Engine type
  • Then Calculate to get the estimate price for the used car.

If the vehicle is not listed, TRA reference code, or side by side Motor Vehicle Value Comparison just follow the instructions under the footer menu of the official TRA calculator website.

TRA Calculator
TRA Calculator

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