TTCL Internet Settings

TTCL Internet Settings

TTCL Internet Settings
TTCL Internet Settings

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TTCL Internet Settings

Okay let’s get back to our main topic “TTCL Internet Settings”. It’s very simple to set internet in your iOS or android device. Just check on the simple procedure below

TTCL Internet Settings.

Just follow the quick simple steps below

Android Devices – Samsung, Itel, Tecno, Infinix and others

  • Go to settings in your device.
  • Navigate to “Connection” 
  • Select “mobile networks”
  • Open “Access Point Names”

Fill the followings to the blank spaces

  • Name – Enter “TTCL
  • APN – Enter “INTERNET
  • Port – Leave Blank
  • Username – Leave Blank
  • Password – Leave Blank
  • Server – Leave Empty
  • MMSC – Skip
  • MMS Proxy – Skip
  • MMS Port – Skip
  • MCC – Skip
  • MNC – Skip
  • Authentication type – Skip
  • APN Type – Fill ” DEFAULT
  • Ignore the next items and SAVE
  • To save just click the three dots from the top right corner and select “SAVE
  • You’re done, make sure you switch ON by filling the dots.

iOS User’s

In your iPhone go to Settings->> Navigate to Cellular->> Cellular Data Network->> APN and fill the items provided by referring from the androids filled items.  

Windows Phone

Go to Setting->> Network and Wireless->> Cellular and Sim Settings->> Add Internet APN. Fill the blank spaces the same as for androids and then save.