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TTCL Tanzania contacts

TTCL Tanzania Contacts | TTCL menu, Internet Packages, Customer Care

TTCL Tanzania Contacts | TTCL Tanzania menu, Internet Packages, Customer Care
TTCL Tanzania contacts

Get to know TTCL Tanzania contacts, internet packages, TTCL menus, TTCL customer care through this article.

TTCL is the Tanzanian network provider owned and operated by Government of Tanzania. It was established in 1993 and started its operation in January 1994, and it was established for the aim of providing different communication services such as voice calls, text, data and also financial services such as bill payment. TTCL is known as the network that provides bulk data plan with fair price.

I could say it has some unique packages that is worth using such as T-connect plus, Boom back bundles and so many others. In this article we are aiming to answer frequently asked question regarding TTCL Tanzania, whereby through different research and observation we were able to come up with detailed answers to different questions.

TTCL Tanzania FAQ’s

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Below are answers provided to different questions concerning TTCL Tanzania,

TTCL Tanzania Contacts | General

For general inquiries use the address below
P.O. Box 9070,
Dar Es Salaam.
Tel: +255 22 214 2000

TTCL Tanzania contacts | Customer Care

Reach TTCL customer care through
Tel: +255 22 210 0100
Instagram @ ttcl_corporation
Twitter @TTCLCorporation
Facebook page @ TTCL Corporation

Want to Send Letter? | TTCL Tanzania
Use Emails below to send letters (To Corporation) (send letters to Director General)

Is TTCL available in 4G LTE?

Yes, TTCL Tanzania is available in 4G LTE to give you maximum speed at cheapest price. Devices that supports 4G are compatible and with 4G services, not only that but even if your device isn’t supporting 4G you can still use 4G Sim Card for data and other services but you’ll only be limited to 4G services.

How do I find TTCL Tanzania Jobs?

TTCL, TTCL Bundles

Honestly, I prefer LinkedIn app when it comes to matters relating to jobs, this is because LinkedIn app will put you in a position that you can easily be noticed by different companies and employers. I can say by completely filling your LinkedIn profile, you’re already in a position to get a job since a LinkedIn profile is like a Curriculum Vitae.

Hence employer can employ you without requiring any documents since your detailed information is visible and available at your LinkedIn profile . So in my experience with LinkedIn I strongly recommend job seekers to use LinkedIn as source of jobs for future career development. Through LinkedIn app you can easily apply by a single click, you can receive different jobs notification through your email. Get connected now through –

See below LinkedIn account for TTCL Corporation that will help you find TTCL Tanzania Jobs
1. Connect with TTCL Tanzania main LinkedIn Account at –
2. Connect with Regional Manager for TTCL at –

Or in order to get more info about jobs or if you have any issue use TTCL Tanzania contacts to reach them.

TTCL Menu?

Get TTCL main menu at *148*30#
Get TTCL Tanzania University Menu at *148*30*35#
T-Pesa Menu
T-Pesa menu is available at *150*71#

How do I Pay LUKU by using T-Pesa?

1. You can pay LUKU by dialing *150*71#
2. Select 4 “Pay Bills”
3. Choose 1 “LUKU”
4. 1 “LUKU”
5. 1 “New Account Number”
6. Enter Account Number
7. Enter Bill Amount
8. Enter PIN to Confirm

TTCL bundles | TTCL Internet Packs

TTCL Tanzania has different internet packages includes T-Connect Plus, and Bandika Bandua. These bundles are available through *148*30#, then select 2 “Internet” to configure your phone with either packages. i.e., T-connect plus, Bandika Bandua.
Boom Pack bundles specifically for those with TTCL Uni Sim Card are available at *148*30*35#, number 2 ” Boom Pack Internet”.
I’ve clearly shown the data plans and prices for different internet packages provided by TTCL Tanzania below

Bandika Bandua
Packages are available in daily and weekly basis.

Daily /24hrs

Daily Packs

Weekly Packs

Weekly Packs

T-Connect Plus
T-connect Plus bundles is available in daily basis, weekly and monthly plan.


Price Data Validity
Daily T-Connect Plus


Price DataValidity
Weekly T-Connect Plus


Monthly T-Connect Plus

Boom Pack Data

Boom Pack Data

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