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TTCL Tanzania contacts

TTCL, TTCL Bundles – Neat & Quality Review

Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited
Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited
TTCL, TTCL Bundles
TTCL Tanzania contacts

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What is TTCL ?

What is it?

Tanzania Telecommunication Corporations formerly known as Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited was established by An Act of the Parliament, ‘The Tanzania Telecommunications Company Incorporation Act of 1993’.

The Company came into operation following a split of the former parastatal organization known as Tanzania Posts and Telecommunications Company (TP&TC) and began operation on Jan 1, 1994. The split was due to the government’s move to liberalize communications sector in the country, and due to this separation four parastatal entities were formed namely; The Tanzania Posts Corporation (TPC), Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited, Tanzania Postal Bank (TPB), and Tanzania Communication Commission (TCC) now known as Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA).

Subsequent to continued economic liberalization policy of the Government of Tanzania, Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited was privatized on 23rd February 2001, where by a Consortium MSI of the Netherlands and Detecon of Germany acquired 35% shares of the company from the Government of Tanzania. However, the Government of Tanzania has effective from 23rd June 2016 fully repossessed Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited ownership by 100%.Therefore until 1st of February 2018, Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited was 100% owned by the Government of Tanzania.

The Tanzania Telecommunication Corporation (Act No 12 of 2017)was signed by The President of United Republic of Tanzania on 28th November 2017 and was gazetted by the Minister for Works, Transport &Communication to be effective on 1st February 2018.

Tanzania Telecommunications Corporation is taking up the duties and responsibilities of the former Tanzania Telecommunication Company Ltd, which ceased to operate on 31st January 2018.

The key functions of the Corporation are to; a) Enhance safety, security, economic and commercial viability of national telecommunications services and telecommunication infrastructure through;

  • Promotion of effective management and operation of telecommunications services.
  • Development, maintenance, promotion and management of telecommunications services ; and
  • Maintenance of safety and security of telecommunications infrastructure specified or determined in accordance with section 20 of Tanzania Telecommunication Corporation Act b) Plan build, operate and maintain the strategic telecommunications infrastructure proclaimed by the Government; c) Operate telecommunications services in accordance with the laws and prescribed procedures governing telecommunications services; d) Operate and maintain all types of telecommunications networks, including ICT systems and services within and outside the United Republic of Tanzania.

Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited Contacts

Below are list of Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited Contacts





P. O. Box 9070,

Dar es salaam

Phone Communication

+255 22 214 2000 (General Line)

+255 22 210 0100 (Customer care)

+255 22 214 2023 (Emergency line)

+255 22 214 2045 (Facsmile)

Toll Free lines

Call center Toll Free: 100.

Corporate Customers toll free: 140.

NICTBB toll free: 144 / 0800 11 55 55.

Email Communication

E-mail: (General enquiries)

E-mail: (Letters to the Corporation)

E-mail: (Letters to the DG)

TTCL Bundles – Enjoy the Internet

Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited has the most amazing bundle packages in all categories includes voice, SMS and data packages. They offer quality and good data packages at cheap price. It’s actually the best SIM card for university students in terms of cost effectiveness and students demands.

For students it will help him/her to keep up with the internet and get all the required resources so that to match with university needs at ease and less cost. Actually the subheading for this paragraph contains some attractive words ” Enjoy the internet“, I want to tell you that in order to enjoy the Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited internet make sure you have the 4G Sim Card and keeping in mind that the speed of the internet won’t be the same in every location. That’s because it has not covered the most part of Tanzania. Here you can find the best internet Tanzania Telecommunications Company LimitedBundles depends on your needs.

Other Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited Bundles – Voice Call

TTCL Bundles
Bundles – Voice

Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited (voice bundle – Jiachie Voice)

They offer the very best service and you can purchase a packages by only paying a minimum of 300 TZS. How Sweet? See the details below,

Price PlanPackagesDuration
300 TZS5 mins (All Networks)No Expiry
700 TZS15 mins (All Networks)No Expiry
1,500 TZS40 mins (All networks)No Expiry
3,000 TZS85 mins (All Networks)No Expiry
Bundles – Jiachie Voice

Jiachie Bundle

Price PlanPackagesDuration
500 TZS50 mins (TTCL – TTCL, 5 mins other networks) + 200MB + 100SMSUnlimited
1,000 TZS100 mins (TTCL – TTCL, 10 mins other networks) + 400MB + 200SMS Unlimited
5,000 TZS500 mins (TTCL – TTCL, 50 mins other networks) + 1GB + 500SMS Unlimited
Bundles – Jiachie Bundle

Jiachie International

China, India, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, UAE

Price PlanPackages
2,000 TZS3 mins
5,000 TZS7 mins
10,000 TZS15 mins
20,000 TZS31 mins
Bundles – Jiachie International

Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi

Price Packages
2,500 TZS3 mins
5,000 TZS6 mins
10,000 TZS12 mins
Bundles – Jiachie International

UK, Germany, France, USA, Brazil, Belgium.

2,500 TZS3 mins
5,000 TZS6 mins
20,000 TZS25 mins
Jiachie International

DRC, Malawi, S. Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana

Price Packages
3,000 TZS3 mins
5,000 TZS5 mins
10,000 TZS10 mins
20,000 TZS21 mins
Jiachie International

To subscribe in “Jiachie Bundles” simply dial *148*30# and choose number 1 to enjoy various of Jiachie Bundles as illustrated in tables above.

Enjoy many other service by dialing *148*30#, for those with university SIM card can dial *148*30*35# to enjoy more offers. View Internet packages offered by Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited for university SIM card “CLICK HERE”

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