Vodacom Tanzania Review - A Good Tanzania Sim Card
Vodacom Tanzania

Vodacom Tanzania – A Good Tanzanian Sim Card

Vodacom Tanzania Review - A Good Tanzania Sim Card
Vodacom Tanzania

Vodacom Tanzania Sim Card review

Tanzania is a country with a lot of tourist attraction hence people from different location tend to visits Tanzania. It’s actually worth visiting Tanzania for tourism activity, you’ll find different attraction such as Kilimanjaro Mountain, and different wild parks. You will want to share your amazing experience on social media, and you would actually need a Vodacom Sim card so that to get connected and share the experience to different social platforms. Vodacom is actually the network provider with the highest coverage which is widely spread even to interior village found in the country.

So even at wildlife park you don’t have to worry about the internet you only need to have Vodacom Sim Card. It’s actually cost fully to roam so the best option is to get your new Vodacom Sim Card so that to share your amazing experience on the internet. Vodacom is known for being cheaper and provider with good coverage and speeds throughout Tanzania.

Vodacom Sim Card Registration for Visitors Intends to Stay for a period not more than 4 months

You’ll find Vodacom shop near Dar Es Salaam International airport and you’ll required to have the following to get Vodacom Sim Card,

  • Visitors are required to have valid copies of certified passport and Visa
  • Those with no Visa are required to present valid copies of certified passport.
  • A finger print verification of the visitors will be taken.

For foreigner aiming to stay in the country for more than six months are required to present NIDA ID.

What Packages does Vodacom offer?

Vodacom has different types of data packages includes,

  • Daily Packages
  • Weekly Packages
  • Monthly Packages

Daily Internet Packages

PriceTotal DataDuration
Vodacom Tanzania Daily Data Packages

Weekly Internet Packages

PriceTotal DataDuration
3,0001GB7 Days
5,000 2GB + 1.5GB7 Days
10,0005GB7 Days
15,0007.5GB7 Days
20,00015GB7 Days
Vodacom Tanzania Weekly Data Packages

Monthly Packages

PriceTotal DataDuration
10,0002GB30 Days
20,0007GB30 Days
35,00016GB30 Days
50,00050GB30 Days
Vodacom Tanzania Monthly Data Packages

To activate the above packages

Dial *149*01#

Select 3 “Buy bundles”

Select 2 “Internet”

Then 1 “Internet Supa”

Complete buying the packages by selecting the packages you like as shown on the tables above.

How to Check Internet Balance in Vodacom Tanzania?

To check internet bundle simply go use *149*60# or check dashboard in your Vodacom App.

How to Transfer Airtime Vodacom Tanzania?
  • Dial *149*01#
  • Select 7 “Xtra Service
  • Then 8 “Transfer Credit
  • Enter receiver number
  • Enter amount (Vodacom Charges Applies)
How to Change Vodacom Tanzania Language?

Vodacom menu has two language that is Swahili and English.

  • To change language simply dial *149*01#
  • Select number 7 “Xtra Service
  • Select Free Self Services which is number 9 in the list
  • Then select 1 “Language
  • Select the language you want either Swahili or English.
  • The change of language will take effect in one minute.

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