What is Metaverse? – All you Need to Know

Metaverse and it's Features
Metaverse and it's Features

Do you want to know a little bit about what is metaverse? You’re in the right place. I know it’s too early to talk about METAVERSE, but we can’t continue to ignore it because it’s already here. It’s happening.

In this article we will take a look at

gmk metaverse.

  • What is Metaverse?
  • Benefits of metaverse.
  • Disadvantages of metaverse.
  • Opportunity available in Metaverse.

What is Metaverse?

This metaverse topic is new to most people. For some curious and technology-savvy people, metaverse is not a completely new concept.

I will do my best to use simple and relevant ‘analogy’ so that everyone understands this technology, its advantages, disadvantages and opportunities.

From time immemorial human beings have been looking for a way to meet, socialize and create certain foundations to bring us together.

Our ancestors painted paintings on the buildings, smoked the smoke to meet, later came desktop phones to this day we have tech like Zoom and Skype.

Metaverse new Internet page and social interaction. It is a continuation of when we came to the connection to the technology system.

Twitter has brought us together, we share tweets, photos, videos but we can’t share reality with moments.
Facebook has brought us together, we share messages, photos, videos but we can’t share reality with moments.

Metaverse removes that dilemma.

What is Metaverse? Advantages of Metaverse

Metaverse brings advancement that will bring us together in the virtual world. Metaverse Removes space & time barrier. Eg. you are unable to attend the event due to the time and place you are at.
Metaverse would allow you to attend no matter where you were.
Metaverse is the same as saying we have agreed to interact in another virtual world using technology.

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What is metaverse continue…..

In 1992, Snow Crash Writer came up with the idea of ​​finding a way for humans to overcome the sorrows of the physical world by seeking happiness elsewhere.

Metaverse is a world where humans can meet and do their own thing in the digital world.
Internet is 2D, metaverse is 3D where we can talk, do business, travel vacation, enjoy events but using special equipment, apps and devices.

You can be one of them … all you have to do is log in to your account, buy a plot, build a house and open a business, live in touch with other people. You can be hired, travel, do shopping, Attend events on the metaverse

Too many companies are currently developing metaverse from Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon to Facebook who have completely changed their name to Meta. Because metaverse is the future of the internet.

All these companies will be integrated to have 1 metaverse. Will be fun!

Just like social media right now, metaverse will let you choose what you want, so you will give yourself the character you like, You will live the life you love, you will do the activities you love, you will look for means of earning an income and you can even start relationships in the metaverse.

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What is metaverse continue…..

An example is the concept of Tanzanian socialite life.
If you don’t have enough money you can teleport within 5 seconds to NYC, you have fun and interact with the stakeholders that you will find.

It’s like using twitter. You start by opening the account, you start throwing away your contents, then slowly people start to engage.

Let say, Right now you have variety friends on Twitter, some you don’t know, you’ve never even seen them and you only know them by their DPs.

Metaverse is now an advancement
As social media has connected us and brought many positive impacts, but we cannot hide its effects. Most IG people are happy, live well, eat well, go to a good place but in real life they are burning inside and struggling alone.

Disadvantages of Metaverse.

Metaverse will get worse

  • It will be expensive to live in the metaverse. Social media is cheap because there is no ownership, in the metaverse there is a digital signature and smart contracts for ownership.
  • There will be classes like the physical world. Rich, Poor, Talents, Untalented, Cute, Ugly etc.
Opportunities at Metaverse.

A lot of things we will get used to gradually with time, I don’t know when we get to apex what will happen but its going to be too much fun and too weird at the same time. But there are people who will be enriched by the metaverse. You make money on the metaverse, you transfer it to the real world.

Yeah I know sometimes it sounds weird but that’s where the world goes … You may not like it and hate the idea of ​​metaverse but your thoughts don’t stop the world from advancing.

If you see ignorance there are people who see opportunities and this to me is what excites me the most. So I don’t want to miss out on opportunities at all.

I know it’s probably too early but I don’t think the Metaverse will consume me. I will continue to be very close to this technology but I don’t think I will stabilize life in the universe. Maybe it’s still too early.

But I can’t let the metaverse opportunities pass me by because its a Trillion $ industry.

If all metaverse are integrated together for an interoperability platform, the payment protocol must be in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Popular cryptos will be used to make all payments in the metaverse world, and so far I believe Dogecoin will grow with priority. Doge is an opportunity

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Too many companies are exposing the future of Metaverse and many have already started developments and have come a long way.

The Decentraland company is already selling $ 6000 sites and the value of the area is rising due to demand. There is a plot sold for $ 913,000.

The second project is @ NetVRk1

I see it has many competitive advantages over Decentraland. First runners on 10 different blockchains, Decentraland use Ethereum only.

There are so many opportunities, I keep looking for them and researching them but the last opportunity is NFT.

In the metaverse there will be collectibles (arts), assets like avatar, cars, houses, beauty, etc.

That’s all about what is metaverse…hope you have a clear understanding now of what metaverse is.